He prince william appears with his wife Kate Middleton at a public event, where it was possible to notice the level of stress he had with her.

As the British people have known, the relationship has not been going through good times since Prince William’s infidelity to his wife, with whom he was one of his friends, became known. Therefore, their relationship has faced a possible separation, which puts the coronation of King Charles III and the popularity of the monarchy.

As evidenced in several places where they have attended lately, the couple has been distant, and in most cases they try not to have physical contact.

Now, a new rumor arises due to the attitude of the duke of wales when he was with the mother of his children during a game of rugby, where two teams competed for the first point. The cameras were able to capture the dukes, and the attendees expressed that the prince was most of the time with inexplicable discomfort.

The moment of tension in the couple was also expressed by a professional in body language who stated: «What was interesting about the photographs was that Kate was smiling as she watched the game, while William had a very different expression on his face.«.

The Wale’s princess who had been rumored to have a crisis due to the situation she experienced with her husband, showed a high level of confidence throughout the game. «Kate’s expression is one of triumph and success, while the prince’s is one of anticipation and stress.“, the source claimed.

In the end, the couple left, still staying, according to their body language, very scattered and without any kind of approach.