Rumors of marital crisis between the prince william and Kate Middleton continue to increase, and it is that according to various media reports, the heir to the British throne spent the day of Valentine’s Day with his lover, and not with his wife.

Yesterday the famous day of love and friendship was celebrated, and although some believed that in the Buckingham Palace It was going to be celebrated in a big way as it was last year, the reality was the opposite.

However, there was something that even drew much more attention, and that is that the princes of wales They did not spend Valentine’s Day together, something that had already been discussed days ago for a very controversial reason.

According to what is said in the media, Prince William would have spent Valentine’s Day with his lover and former best friend of Kate; Rose Hanbury.

This controversy has been a trend on social networks for several days, after the very Kate affirmed that she did not expect any details from her husband for February 14, something that generated a great wave of reactions among the followers of the royal family.

William has been linked to Rose Hanbury since 2019, when several photos of the two were leaked at a private party, and sharing in a very compromising way.

And you, do you think he prince william spent valentine’s day with your lover?