He The prince Williameldest son of King Charles III of the United Kingdom and direct heir to the throne, has been in the eye of the hurricane for several weeks. And it is that since his wife Kate Middleton affirmed that he was no longer careful with her, rumors of separation began to spread and of an alleged infidelity that he would have committed with his alleged lover Rose Hanbury.

In the midst of the huge wave of rumors of infidelity that Prince William would have committed with his alleged lover of several years, various media have been investigating the amount of money that the future King would have spent with his lover on the day of Valentine’s Day.

February 14, the special date for lovers, would have been hell for the Princess of Wales, as it is said that William spent that special moment with Rose Hanbury and not her.

The witnesses who claim to have seen the son of the Princess Diana enjoying a romantic dinner with Rose on February 14, they affirm that the King had luxurious details with the British noblewoman.

The waiter of the exclusive Italian restaurant, where William and Rose were seen, assures that the Prince of Wales He had a luxurious detail with his appointment, and it was an expensive pearl necklace worthy of the jewelry that the deceased had Queen isabel II.

Let us remember that the prince william has been linked in dates with Rose since 2019, when images of both enjoying themselves at a party were leaked. So the future English monarch would have spent millions of dollars in details for his lover.