As the infidelity scandal that would have made him grows prince william to kate middleton the media and users of social networks bring to light new details of their lover Rose Hanbury. And now, they have discovered the most erotic and eccentric moments that they would have shared with the future King of United Kingdom, all recounted through a controversial book.

The name of Rose Hanbury has become very popular in the social networks, since it would be the third in discord in the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Her popularity and her interest in learning more about her past and what she makes of it has increased dramatically.

That is why the journalist and writer Violet Naylor-Leyland in his latest work, ‘Rare Birds, True Style: Extraordinary Interiors, Personal Collections & Signature Looks’, recounts the eccentric life that the English noblewoman has had with her family and that it is said she has also had as a lover of future king from United Kingdom.

“Rooms in Rose Hanbury’s house were festooned with garter belts doubled as drapery valances and there was a bizarre image of a stuffed sea turtle in the downstairs bathroom,” the actress revealed. author.

Apart from that, he revealed other erotic details of the british former model and of the meetings that he held and invited numerous relatives.

“Rose Hanbury remembers, always according to the writer, how during her “wild” adolescence her parents turned the big house into their own place to have parties: “Mom turned the basement into a nightclub for us, she painted everything herself and hung Moroccan lamps and suzanis -carpets- on the walls. It looked like some kind of opium den.”

The author also reveals the closeness of the noblewoman with the british Royalty, and it is precisely through that order, where he shows off his possible and eccentric experiences that he has had with the Prince William.