In the midst of all the media circle that has left the book of memories of the Prince Harry, his older brother the prince William has left a very clear and forceful message for him and his wife, the former American actress Meghan Markle, who is undoubtedly also behind the whole campaign they have made to expose some secrets of the British royal family.

‘Spare’, Prince Harry’s memoir and where he talks about his experiences within the British royal family, has caused a stir among the public, which has given him numerous sales records worldwide.

But what has attracted the most attention is that within its scriptures, one of the most attacked characters is his older brother, Prince William.

Harry even dares to make fun of the hair loss suffered by the Duke of Wales, He also does not skimp on attacking his sister-in-law, with whom he was believed to have a good relationship.

But now, and a week after the premiere of Spare, Prince William has sent a subtle but forceful response to his younger brother, and he has done it with something with which the Duke of Sussex he always wanted to have a leading role; the social causes.

The heir to the British throne has chosen to counterattack and visit one of the organizations in which the Princess Diana more than 25 years ago, for whose emotional legacy the two brothers fight and for now, it seems that William is the one who takes the lead.

The message that the eldest son of the King Charles III He wants to make it clear, he will take advantage of this moment to seek a greater role in the social causes carried out under the name of royalty, whose purpose is to earn the trust of the public and the British population, while Harry runs the risk of earning the contempt of her nation, which Meghan has already earned to some degree.