He Prince William, heir to the throne as the King of the United Kingdom, has sent a forceful message to his younger brother, the prince harry and who in these moments is completely separated from the British royal family. Their relationship as brothers is going from bad to worse, and it seems that there are still no signs of a speedy reconciliation.

In the midst of all the scandal that has left ‘Spare’, In Prince Harry’s memoir, the member of royalty who has been most affected by the statements has been William, who is very angry about everything his brother has said.

The future King of the United Kingdom “Needs time to calm down”, as stated by a journalist close to the Buckingham Palace, who also affirms that each and every one of the members of the royal family have chosen not to give any type of statement for which Harry and Meghan Markle They have said.

He Duke of Sussex He has given several interviews in recent weeks. In one of them, he stated that if he is willing to reconcile, but he also made it clear that the prince william he is not willing to speak to her again after what happened.

“Many things can happen until then. But my door is always open. The ball is in your roof. There’s a lot to talk about and I really hope they intend to sit down and talk about it,” Harry said.

The message of Prince of Wales is clear and very harsh: he is not willing to tolerate Harry’s accusations under any circumstances, so he does not want a reconciliation at this time.