Unlike the thousands of Britons who have had access to the book of Prince Harry, the prince william he has kept his thoughts on what his brother wrote to him to himself and it is suspected that he did not even take the time to read it.

However, sources close to the royal family have revealed the position of some family members on the release of “Spare» and the criticisms of the Duke of Sussex.

Thousands of Britons have flocked to bookstores in search of the books of the prince harry to learn the secrets of his personal life and his life in royalty, however, the main absentees from the statements in the book are the members of the British royal family, since none of the members has come out to speak publicly about the testimonies of Harry, and what is known about them comes from sources close to the palace.

According to the newspaperThe Times“It is possible that the prince william is not at its best after the publication of the memoirs of the Prince Harry, since the Prince of Wales is really surprised and devastated by his brother’s revelations.

Sources close to William assure the British media that the eldest son of the King Charles III is very angry about the personal incidents that have come to light, they also added that the older brother has memories of Harry’s childhood and how he took care of him.

Despite having such different thoughts, it is unlikely that the heir to the throne will come forward and make an official announcement because, according to “The TimesThat’s not the way William acts.