The uncomfortable moment that the prince william when he was at a dinner with his now wife kate middleton and in turn was present what according to many, was her lover and former friend, who became a direct rival of the current Wale’s princess and future Queen Consort of United Kingdom.

Over the years, the British royal family He has experienced several uncomfortable moments that have caused great controversy among the public. One of them had to do with the alleged affair that Prince William had with one of Kate’s best friends.

That moment was led by Rose Hanbury, who is said to have allegedly had an affair with the eldest son of the deceased Princess Diana, and with whom she lived a tense situation that caused the fury of her former best friend.

Rose is a former model, who at the time was one of the best friends of Kate Middleton and was invited to a state banquet where the Princess of Welsh, being an extremely tense and uncomfortable moment

According to what the newspaper reported on Millennium, Kate Middleton asked that Rose Hanbury be expelled from this type of event, since she already knew about the possible affair that her friend had with the Prince William.

The truth of all this is that living in a situation like this, where your future wife and your supposed lover are at the same table, must be one of the most uncomfortable situations that a man can experience in his life. And to the surprise of many, the heir to the throne of the british Monarchy, He had to experience it firsthand.