The prince harry has been a topic of conversation internationally in recent months, since the launch of his documentary series with his wife, Meghan Markle, on Netflix, which is called “harry and meghan«, until the release of his autobiography on January 10, called «Spare“, where he revealed his troubled relationship with his father, the king Charles III, and his brother, the Prince William, with whom he has been estranged for a couple of years.

As part of the publicity campaign for his book, which has already broken sales records, Prince Harry spoke exclusively for “The Telegraph» about his fears for the future of his brother William’s children, stating that one of them could become just like him.

I know that at least one of the three children will be like me, a spare. It hurts and worries me.

However, everything indicates that William does not seem to care about his brother’s opinion, as Harry explains, because when he expresses his feelings, his brother’s responses are cold and cutting.

He made it very clear to me that his children are not my responsibility.

In the various interviews he has given to the media as CBSNews, Good Morning America and ITV, Duke Sussex has not stopped mentioning his brother and has made it very clear that this will not stop until the whole truth is known

Ultimately, I don’t think we can have peace in my family unless the whole truth is out.

The prince william He has limited himself so far to expressing any opinion on his brother’s statements. At a public event this week, she was asked about his brother’s book and chose to ignore the subject entirely.