The prince william plunged into sadness, he assured that he regretted not having told his mother, the deceased Princess Dianathat her husband King Charles III he was unfaithful with Camila Parker.

It seems that the prince william he was the only one who knew about the infidelity that was being committed, but for some reason he never warned his mother about it.

This information has been revealed from extracts from the book of the prince harry, that have leaked days before the official launch January 10in the book the duke of sussex recounts some of his experiences in the royal family, and surprises the British people by making accusations towards his father and brother.

In his book the prince harry describes the moment when his brother realizes his father’s infidelity with his mother, who died in a car accident.

«Willy had been suspicious of the other woman for a long time, which confused and tormented him; When those suspicions were confirmed, he felt an agonizing remorse for not having done or said anything before.“said the duke.

Pointing out that for a long time, his brother felt guilty for the suffering of the Princess Diana; the feeling of guilt increased when they learned of her death, and of the marriage that was to effect the King Charles III with the now queen Camila Parkera relationship that matured due to undeniable infidelity.