He prince williamthe next heir to the British Crown, has refused to appear alongside Kate Middletonafter the rumors of their separation.

Royalty has had to endure two intense weeks after there was apparently a separation between Prince William and the Princess of Wales, after months of crisis due to infidelity towards his wife, with whom she was one of her best friends.

Added to this, the rumors gained more strength when the Duchess of Wales stated that her husband never has significant details with her as any couple would, a fact that clearly angered Kate Middleton and for which she has been receiving support from the British people.

Now, Prince William as exposed by his brother the prince harryhas wanted to keep his wife’s trail in a dark shadow, and not appear with her at the most public events for reasons of “protecting her identity from the harassing press.”

However, all this would have a double meaning, especially now when the rumors of infidelity are greater. Given this, the Duke of Sussex in his recent book «Spare» referred to the case saying «He didn’t understand until months later that there were even more reasons the press was shooting at Willi, first, he angered them all by letting him play his game, denying him unrestricted access to his family.«.

«He had repeatedly refused to take Kate out as a prized racehorse, and this was later deemed a bridge too far.«. However, critics confirm that this would only be a game by the prince in order to keep their two relationships stable.

Undoubtedly, this leaves a negative mark on the next coronation of the King Charles IIIcreating much more controversy in the British Crown.