He prince william is once again in the eye of the hurricane, since his wife Kate Middleton confessed to a florist that he is no longer detail-oriented with her, the media began to spread the rumor that his eyes were once again on his former lover Rose Hanbury. Everything goes back to 2019, the year in which both were seen at a private party and sharing very closely.

The actual Wale’s princess She is well aware of the repercussion that her controversial statements have left, where she stated that she was not going to expect any details from William for February 14, something that left more than one with their mouths open.

But now, these words have been accompanied by rumors that speak of the possible reunion of the future King of the United Kingdom with his alleged lover.

Several British media have even spoken of William’s “escape” to meet Rose on the day of Valentine’s Day. Kate has been seen these days completely alone, even yesterday she was with her eldest son, the Prince George, in a game of Rugby of the same.

The surprise of some was that the The prince William was not present at the game, despite the fact that he practically always attends this type of event with his wife.

February 14 is approaching, so the media is very aware of the activities that the future kings are going to do together or separately. But until now, William he could choose not to spend it with his new and well-known wife.