The prince william would be the main person who prevented the great future of his wife, the princess Kate Middletoncould continue successfully.

The current wife and mother of the Duke of Wales’s children, she had a bright future long before she met the Duke, however, when she met him all her dreams ended drastically.

The Duchess of Wales received her professional degree from the St Andrews University in the year 2005and it was at this time that she met the man who is now the father of her children, what she did not take into account at the time, was that by marrying him and belonging to royalty, her promising future could not continue.

The Wale’s princess graduated with the degree of History in Arts, and practiced her career for a while just before she met Prince William. During her bachelorhood, she Middleton managed to raise a large amount of money by designing dresses for any occasion, being in charge of their production and elaboration.

But just when he decided to officially commit to the prince william, she forced herself to forget her career, and had to give up fully exercising her professional career.

Nevertheless, Kate Middleton She has been able to unleash her creativity and has shown her taste for fashion, choosing her elegant outfits for herself, when she attends the events scheduled by the royals.