He Prince William, heir to the British crown and husband of kate middleton he would be preparing to go to spend Valentine’s Day with his supposed lover and not with the mother of his three children, after a series of rumors and confessions that have his marriage in jeopardy.

Since 2019, Prince William has been singled out for having an alleged lover, thanks to a series of photos that were leaked online and where he was seen in a rather compromising way with Rose Hanbury, a noblewoman very close to the royal family and a former friend of Kate’s.

When the photos were leaked, the Wale’s princess she cut off all contact with Hanbury and they were never seen together again at any ceremony. It is even said that Kate ordered that the noblewoman never be invited to any event where she was present again.

And now, a rumor has surfaced that William will spend February 14th with his lover and not with Kate. These statements are supported by the controversial statements that his wife said a week ago, where she assured that she did not expect any details from the Prince of Wales for saint’s day Valentine, since he stopped being a retailer with her for a long time.

He prince william He would already have everything ready to escape tomorrow and go to celebrate with Hanbury, who is also married and has a son.