He Prince William, future King of United Kingdom and husband of kate middleton he would have given a lavish gift to his presumed lover. Something that is quite contrary to what was confessed by the mother of her three children, who stated that William has stopped being thoughtful with her.

According to various international media reports, Prince William would have spent the day of Valentine’s Day with her lover Rose Hanbury, this after the Princess of Wales stated that she did not expect any details from the future King for that day.

In social networks They were talking about what he could have given his alleged lover, who has been linked to the Prince since 2019, the year in which photos of both were leaked at a party.

But returning to the subject, it is said that the eldest son of the King Charles III he preferred to give a luxurious pearl necklace to his lover instead of giving a gift to the mother of his three children. This situation has caused great indignation in the networks, which condemn the possible conduct that the future monarch would be taking.

For his part, Middleton would be trying to stay out of the rumors, since the Buckingham Palace would be looking to hide this scandal. The coronation of Charles III It will be on May 6, and another scandal of this magnitude could continue to tarnish the image of British royalty. And as many of us know, that is what they least need right now.

The uncertain future of prince william and Kate Middleton It continues to be a topic with a lot of media coverage, which is why numerous media outlets are waiting for a special statement where the princes of wales confirm if they are going to separate or not.