prince william is planning his revenge against him prince harryand he will do it on the day of his father’s coronation on King Charles III.

Disputes between the sons of the King Charles III and the deceased Princess Diana began to turn dark, when the prince harry I accuse his brother of attacking him, and his wife the American actress Meghan Markle at the beginning of your love relationship.

But shortly after the release of the Duke of Sussex’s book, “Spare«, where he makes known to the British people the attacks he has received from his family, due to his resignation from the British crown, the duke of wales he has retaliated on the issue, even preventing his brother from attending his father’s coronation.

Despite the fact that the monarchy wanted to have a reconciliation between brothers, the prince william will not give up, even the duke’s wife was able to affirm that «The relationship is now non-existent between the two ». «They haven’t spoken since the book came out, and William has no intention of answering the phone any time soon.«. This would make it clear that if it were up to the Duke of Wales, prince harry he would be eliminated from the coronation.

The princess Kate Middleton I assure that her husband has no qualms about being the villain of the story and will seek revenge against his brother, “William is strong, determined and not afraid to speak his mind.«.

The eldest son of King Charles III He aspires for there to be a confrontation in the royal family, and for his brother to be definitively expelled from his family due to the trials launched in his book.