Prince William has anticipated the premiere of ‘Spire’, the book of memories prince harry which will be officially released on January 10. The media and other newspapers of the United Kingdom have been able to access certain parts of the script, it has also been through this that the Royal family has been able to know some of the stories that the Duke of Sussex he will say and that he has the entire monarchy on alert.

Prince William is upset, his image before the premiere of the book of Memories Prince Harry will be greatly affected, since he is one of the most accused royals in the entire book, which already aims to be a worldwide bestseller.

The statements of the eldest son of the iconic Diana Princess of Wales They are revealed after he accessed a copy of Spare, where he has been able to discover all the accusations and ridicule he receives from his brother.

And now, after having read the book together with the other members of the British monarchy, a source very close to the royal family declared the following:

“He knows he will be labeled a traitor, for crossing the red line so many times, his father, his brother, the Princess of Wales and Camila, It’s absolutely devastating.”

But that’s not all, since the Prince of Wales and husband of Kate Middleton claims that Harry’s accusations are completely ‘distorted’.

These serious accusations would increase the tension that exists between the princes of wales and the Dukes of Sussex, where it is presumed that there is a certain rivalry and power struggle and relevance before the public.

And now, the prince william He will do everything possible so that his brother does not continue spreading lies and does not attend the coronation of his father as the new king of the United Kingdom. His plans are concrete and he is willing to do whatever it takes to put a stop to the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle.