With recent reports from the residence of the lover of the Prince William, the media have begun to investigate, stating that the future monarch of the United Kingdom moved away from his previous home so that Kate middleton didn’t realize his entanglement with Rose Hanbury. The truth of the case is that his alleged lover continues to live in the same place as always.

Since the rumors of the resumption of dating between Rose Hanbury and Prince William, the noblewoman and former English model, has not been seen again by the media. However, it has been possible to investigate her place of residence and the clues of her supposed love affair with the eldest son of the King Charles III They have surprised some.

Hanbury resides in Houghton Hall, an imposing mansion located in norfolk where you can stay away from prying eyes. However, this residence is less than 7 kilometers from the former residence where William and Kate Middleton lived.

This similarity has caused the media to open another investigation, where they would be finding out the real reasons why the Princes of Welsh they would have made the decision to leave their old home.

anmer hall was the property that the deceased Isabel II presented to Prince William. There he lived with Kate for several years until she moved closer to London. However, it is said that the Princes use the house as a vacation home.

Some rumors state that William moved to another place so that the Wale’s princess did not suspect his alleged love affair with Hanbury. However, this discussion still has no basis or evidence that can be confirmed other than the proximity of the two residences.

And you, what do you think about this controversy that haunts the world? prince william already Kate Middleton?