The members of the Royal Family have been in a fight for a few months, one of the most mentioned fights are those of the The prince William with the The prince Harrywho are now totally estranged by their controversial issues.

He The prince Harry revealed in his bookSpare» the occasion that his brother, the prince william, mocked him and made him look ridiculous. Thanks to Harry’s stories in his book, it is known that the brothers went to an interview, everything seemed to be going perfectly, but at one point William made a comment about Harry that made him embarrassed.

It was revealed that William mentioned in the interview that Harry snores a lot, before this revelation Harry turned to stare at him thinking that it had simply been a bad joke, but it was not like that, for this reason all the people present in the program began to laugh at the Duke of Sussex.

the husband of Kate middleton said:

Harry is a bum, he snores a lot.

He The prince Harry responded by saying, “Are lies«, This situation would have made the Duke of Sussex very uncomfortable, but by giving that answer, the only thing he achieved was that the people present made fun of him more, so the only solution he had was to laugh with them at himself.