On his recent visit to Birmingham, The prince william and his wife, Kate MiddletonThey attended various events organized by royalty, where they could admire the elegance and posture of the Duchess of Wales. The press focused their cameras on the prince’s wife for her new and shiny new dress-coat in a never-before-seen red burgundy color, about which her husband, Prince William, left some compliments that Kate received very happy.

Lately, the marriage of the Dukes of Wales would have been maligned by the local entertainment media, that with the rumors of the infidelity of William to his wife Kate, with an English noblewoman, would have been deteriorating the relationship of the royal couple. However, recently the opposite of what the press claims has been shown.

In all appearances so far this year, the princely couple has shown themselves to the public in a way harmonious and very united, Prince William admitted that Kate Middleton looked very beautiful, something that has perplexed the followers of royalty, because the press even claimed that they would be about to divorce. Definitely good news for him. King Charles III.

Experts have pointed to the latest events organized by the British royal house as a strategy to appease the rumors about the terrible relationship that the Dukes of Wales have. With the coronation of King Carlos III, the Buckingham Palace He cannot allow gossip about the royals to continue spreading, as this could cause mishaps for the day of the grand ceremony this May 6.