After the prince william canceled the plans he had made for the new year, the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton she began to cry and became massively upset with her husband, to the point that they had a strong argument full of differences that both were unable to remedy.

Although many of us believe that the relationship between William and Kate has been perfect, the truth is that not everything has been rosy between the two. The princes of wales they had a strong argument when they were just dating, something that led to Kate separating from the eldest son of the Princess Diana for a while.

The information has come to light from the writer Katie Nicholl, who narrated the controversial moment that the prince william he lived with his wife.

“William had been thinking about it and sat down with his father and grandmother to have a frank discussion about his future with Kate, and they suggested that he not rush things,” the writer said.

Katie Nicholl wrote about this controversial moment in her 2011 tome ‘The Making of a Royal Romance’, which has made a name for itself in recent days with all the controversy that the British royal family has been involved in due to its notable internal conflicts.