The prince harry talks about the intimate moments of his life in his new book about to come out, which is called «Spare« and it is said that it will be published in January.

Many thought this would all be a big blow to the royal family, but one royal expert admitted that at prince william and to King Charles III They have not cared what the Duke of Sussex reveals in his writings.

katie nicholl assured that the prince william you will not be “intimidated” by the book.

There’s a lot that’s not yet known and there’s a 35 million book deal here, so don’t underestimate this pair or their ability to surprise and drop secrets when they thought there weren’t any more.

The expert also said that she believes that the royal family is not afraid of anything, much less what will happen after the prince harry publish your autobiography.

But worried, apprehensive? Yes, are you ready to answer? Most likely, Tired of everything? Absolutely.

Nicholl said.

That means the prince william and the King Charles III They will not comment on the book of Harry, and that they probably won’t even read it, but are certainly ready to repel the Duke of Sussex’s attacks.

The royal family has been silent since the beginning of the series. Harry Y Megan, but royal experts believe that the truce will not continue if the prince harry attack Stretcher or to King Charles III in his new book.