He prince william has recently been photographed doing a new job apparently as a businessman, visiting a prestigious laboratory called Notplaand before this, many of his followers wondered if he would finally dedicate himself to this and leave the monarchy, or what could happen.

On Tuesday, May 23 in the morning, the duke of cambridge visited Notpla, in Hackney Wick, London, to see first-hand the sustainable packaging factory that won the renowned environmental award Build a Waste-Free Worldwhere he was very interested in observing how the company had grown.

Prince William on his arrival at the company toured each part of it with the co-founders, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez and Pierre Paslierwho guided him to learn more about the scope of the startup, which is a sustainable products company.

The Duke even interacted with the remains of seaweed that are used to make material for sustainable products, as well as being able to take a look at the entire production process, with which he was able to establish a rather special connection, however, with this does not mean than the princess’s husband Kate Middleton, is interested in leaving the British monarchyI just wanted to take a look at the production of the product that won the earthshot awardan award created by the prince together with a renowned scientist.

Prince William’s intention was to personally inspect how winning this award had served the factory, and whether he was able to expand his team and invest in the machinery, research and development that would enable further growth of the sustainable business, clearly without ceasing to be the next heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.