a writer of Daily Mail has drafted that the prince william You should start planning your coronation now, “If you think Carlos had trouble making the archaic Christian ceremony inclusive, wait till you’re King!«. were the words of Catherine Pepinster for the Daily Mail.

«If I were Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales, I’d be writing him a memo this week: Your Royal Highness, it’s never too early to start planning your coronation.«. Catherine assures that Prince William is within setback to start organizing his coronation, and it’s been a little over a week since the King Charles III was crowned.

This recommendation could be due to the amount of issues that were presented weeks before the coronation, where the Buckingham Palace He had to work hard with King Carlos III so that everything went well on the day of the ceremony.

The writer could be referring to the great social changes that little by little they will be applied in the communities, which could pose a real challenge when the day arrives that Prince William inherits the throne of England. The statements of the journalist from the renowned newspaper have caused divided opinions on the part of the followers of the royalty.

Some agree with the article, because the world is always changing and it’s getting harder to agree with people, many others have criticized Catherine’s words as something exaggerated and out of context.