After the direct attacks suffered by the British royal family and especially the prince william in the memory book Prince Harry, The heir to the throne of the monarchy is preparing a detailed plan whose purpose is to put his younger brother and sister-in-law in their place, who have not measured themselves when it comes to attacking royalty.

According to several sources close to the British royal family, Prince William already has a plan prepared to deal with Prince Harry’s attacks. The plan of Duke of Wales he is certainly quite intelligent, since he will not stoop to doing the same thing that his brother is doing right now.

the husband of Kate Middleton will do something that will greatly annoy the Dukes of Sussex, as she is now looking to become much more active in charity work than her mother, the Princess Diana, had done in life.

As some of us know, Harry is the one who has had this idea for a long time. However, given the problems that have arisen with the royalty, has not been able to do them.

However, his older brother is the one who is now executing that role, making Prince Harry angry because he knows more than anyone that these charities will help him keep the public focused on his good deeds and not on what others say about him. he.

And as if that were not enough, this also makes Harry lose popularity in his country, which has been compromised in recent years due to his marriage to Meghan Markle, who at the moment has been receiving a lot of criticism for his role as an attacker before the monarchy.

And you, what do you think about Prince William’s plans?