Rumors of separation between prince william and Kate Middleton they continue to go from strength to strength. But now, it is rumored that the heir to the British throne spent the day of Valentine’s Day with her lover, and according to some media reports, both met in secret to enjoy together on February 14.

Valentine’s Day is over, but in the world of celebrities, There were several controversies and moments that continue to generate trends in social networks. One of them, the alleged love affair that Prince William would have again with his former lover Rose Hanbury.

And it is that since Kate Middleton affirmed that she did not expect anything from William for the day of love and friendship, the british media They began to investigate and would have discovered that the marriage would again be in crisis, and they have pointed directly to the scandal that the Prince lived with Hanbury in 2019.

And now, it is said on social networks that the eldest son of the King Charles III He had a hidden date with his lover, precisely a private romantic dinner and away from Kate.

In recent days, William and the family have not been seen together again. Wale’s princess, which has further increased the rumors of separation between the two.

Middleton even attended a sporting event hosted by her eldest son on her own on Prince George. Something very rare, since William has always used to attend the sporting events of his three children.

dating rumors between prince william and Rose Hanbury began in 2019, when several photos of both of them sharing at a private party were leaked. From then on, the English noblewoman was never seen again in the Buckingham Palace, and his friendship with Kate Middleton is over forever.