The tension between the prince william and Kate Middleton continues to increase, as rumors of a couple crisis and a possible infidelity of the prince have been the topic of conversation in the international press in recent weeks.

Recently, Kate Middleton and the prince william They attended the 2023 BAFTAS Awards together, in an attempt to show themselves united and in love. However, attendees and the press noted a glaring lack of chemistry between the couple, and according to some reports, William ditched Kate after the event to reunite with her lover, Rose Hanbury.

Infidelity rumors have been persistent since 2019, when photos of William and Hanbury together were published and since then, there has been speculation about the possible separation of the royal couple.

According to sources close to royalty, William and Kate Middleton they attended the BAFTAS forced by the crown, since they want to avoid any scandal before the coronation of the King Charles III and his wife, Camila Parkerin May.

The crisis in the marriage of the princes of wales it has generated concern among members of the royal family and has been widely covered by the media around the world and so far, neither of them has given any kind of statement about it.