Thanks to the scandal generated by the prince harry After his book and the Netflix series, the king Carlos II He would not be in good health, and William is very concerned and has assured that if something happens to his father it would be Harry and Meghan’s fault.

Almost three years after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to go live in the United States, it has been quite a challenge for the monarchy, since the dukes have brought to light the darkest secrets of British royalty.

What has been revealed is that Buckingham Palace is aware of all the statements, but they have decided not to respond to all the revelations of the youngest son of lady Gave.

After the success of the Book «Spare“Prince William had not ruled on it until now and the reason would be his father’s health.

The sources close to prince william They have affirmed that he is far from the controversy for fear that the hints of the prince harry adversely affect the health of his father, the king charles II.

The source told “Radar Online” the following:

William is keeping an eye on King Charles. His health is an ongoing conversation behind the palace gates.

William just can’t comprehend how ruthless and selfish Harry continues to be when he should know that his father is not in the best of health.

If the unthinkable were to happen to King Charles, William believes Harry and Meghan their hands would be stained with blood. They need to stop their attacks before the tragedy happens.

It is worth mentioning that up to now it has not been officially reported that Carlos III is ill or going through a period of ill health.

But Duke of Wales is very aware that his father has contracted COVID-19 twice and swollen hands and feet are a common symptom in patients with edema, a discomfort associated with kidney failure.