The rivalry between prince william and the prince harry continues to grow, and it is that the eldest son of the King Charles III has responded forcefully to the criticism that his younger brother has made for the way in which he and his wife kate middleton they raise their three children.

With the premiere of ‘Spare’, In Prince Harry’s memoir, the bad relationships that exist within the British royal family continue to increase, since family problems are only focused at this time on continuing to be exposed by the youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana.

The Duke of Sussex He described a part in his book where he criticizes his older brother and assures that he is worried about the way his three nephews are going to grow up.

Harry stated that he does not want the sons of the Prince of Wales have the same pressures and hardship that he had during his childhood and adolescence, and that marked him to the point of deciding to take a course apart from the monarchy in order to save his current conjugal family with his wife, the American actress Meghan Markle.

But now, the Prince himself Harry has stated that the Prince William he did not remain silent in the face of his brother’s criticism. According to what Harry himself explained, his older sister made it very clear to him that his children are not his responsibility, so he should not meddle in matters that are not his concern.

These discussions only reflect the very bad relationship that the royal brothers have today, something that would undoubtedly not be liked by the Princess Diana, who fought at all times so that his two children were united and always supported each other.