The Prince William, eldest son of the deceased Princess Diana of Wales, remembered his mother and sent a forceful message to his stepmother, the Queen consort Camilla Parker. The reasons, some positions of the current wife of the King Charles III that they tried to force family ties with their two stepsons, who cannot help but remember their iconic mother at every important moment in their lives.

Recently, the heir to the British throne, participated in the podcast ‘Time To Walk’ of Apple Fitness, where he took advantage of the moment to remember his mother and his great love for music

«One of the songs that I remember a lot and that has stuck with me all this time, and still, to this day, I enjoy quite a bit in secret, is ‘The Best’de Tina Turner Because sitting in the back seat, singing, it felt like a real family moment,” she said.

What has called the attention of the declarations of the Duke of Wales and husband of kate middleton It is precisely when he talks about the family environment. “It felt like a real family moment,” which many social media users claim is a clear hint to Camilla Parker, who long ago mocked her mother for not being able to successfully fulfill her wishes to build a family. fury.

William He has made his position very clear. On the one hand, the feelings of deep love towards her mother, and on the other, the rejection that she has towards Camilla Parker, his stepmother and the woman his father has loved his entire life.