Missing only days for the coronation official of the King Carlos III, he prince william he would have had a strong confrontation with his father. And it is that both members of the British royal family, They are known for having a “strong” temperament, which means that both of them can lose control in situations that cause them stress. The nation’s future monarch has been experiencing even more of these problems in recent months.

As many of us know, Prince William is the absolute heir to the crown of the british monarchy. This position puts a lot of pressure on him and responsibility for his shoulders, so the general public has always been waiting for what happens to him.

However, it seems that these last few weeks your stress has increased, and one of those responsible for that situation would be King Carlos III, who at the moment is quite busy with the preparations for his coronation, which is scheduled to take place from May 6 to 8.

A source close to Buckingham Palace, assured that even father and son had a confrontation in recent days, due to some disagreements that the Prince of Wales with the most important moment in the life of the eldest son of the deceased Queen isabel II.

On the other hand, the British biographer Robert Lacey, made a publication where he issued several rather controversial revelations the writer talked about Camilla Parker and some members of the british royalty. In one of the texts, he revealed that Carlos’s wife thought that his stepson was a person with “a short fuse” (referring to the fact that he explodes in anger very quickly) and that he had a strong and explosive temperament.

For this reason, it seems that these affirmations are completely real, since the husband of Kate Middleton He has been going through different moments of stress that have completely exhausted his patience.

Given this, the position of the prince william Within the British royal family, it continues to grow in terms of the interest that the public has in it. He United Kingdom he knows that he will be his next King, so they will not fail to be aware of his every move, including fighting with his father.