The marriage between prince william and Kate Middleton he would be in a deep crisis that could trigger his breakup. And it is that from the moment in which the Wale’s princess confessed to the mistreatment she has received in recent months from her husband, the rumors of separation have grown to dangerous levels.

Yesterday was the day of Valentine’s Day, a date in which couples meet and celebrate their romances and unions. And although many expected the princes of wales spend this special day together, the reality was the opposite.

There was no publication in your social networks, There were no announcements, gifts or anything that could confirm that the couple was sharing with their family. Rumors even claim that William would be in an affair with her former lover again, and that he would have preferred to spend February 14 with her.

This situation has also worsened after the latest appearances by members of the British royal family, where they have not been seen together again, not even at a sporting event of their eldest son, the Prince George.

Several British media are waiting for what they can declare the prince william and Kate Middleton Regarding the rumors of separation. Meanwhile, the evidence of his crisis continues to be one of the most talked about topics on social media.

And you, what do you think about the possible marital crisis experienced by the Princes of Welsh?