The enormous conflict that is taking place within the British royal family, is affecting the reputation of the prince william and his wife Kate Middleton. This has the public eye massively interested in what will be happening in the coming months, and this is how several sources affirm that the princes of wales they would also be abandoning their responsibilities within the British royal family in the future.

With the upcoming release of ‘Spire’ the book of memories Prince Harry, new and hard darts are expected against the british Monarchy, which will be aiming mostly at two targets: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

This is how several British media have been stating it, who have already alerted the princes of wales to “prepare for the worst”.

These conflicts are serving as the basis to affirm that the eldest son of the deceased and iconic Princess Diana, he would be making a strong decision to leave the royalty along with his wife.

And although this is not confirmed at all, it is quite consistent and above all probable. William He is one of the members of royalty who has been most affected by the serious accusations that Harry and his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle, they have done against the crown.

From accusations of racism, derogatory treatment, internal power struggles and other controversies, the Prince of Wales He has not been spared from any of them.

Meanwhile, the King Charles III will have his official coronation as the new king of United Kingdom next May. His coronation has also been involved in several problems, which again are due to his youngest son, who has set a series of conditions for him and his wife to attend said ceremony.

This whole situation would have tired kate middleton who is the new Wale’s princess and who has suffered the harsh accusations that the British crown has suffered during these two years.

And you, what do you think about all this controversy that the British royal family is experiencing?