He prince william and his wife the princess Kate Middletonthey must make a forceful decision regarding the custody of their three small children.

The two members of royalty have been in various controversies for around a month about how they have managed their relationship, due to the criticisms that have been made regarding the infidelity that Prince William committed, as well as the little cordiality he maintains with his wife the princess of Wales.

Reason why, somehow the dukes must choose an option on the custody of their three children, the prince georgethe Princess Charlotte and the Prince Louis of Walessince in case of making your divorce effective, it will be decided quickly who will take care of them.

Everything indicates that Prince William, who would be in charge of making mistakes in the relationship and causing scandals in the Royal familywill not be the one to obtain custody of any of your children, not even partially.

Kate Middleton would be willing to fight as far as she can to keep the three minors, since as the British people know, they have been the ones who have suffered the most from the betrayal that their father has committed.

Many media and sources close to the Buckingham Palacehave announced that after the images of the infidelity of the son of the King Charles IIIthe disputes in the relationship have increased considerably, and they still do not agree on the future of their little ones.