Despite the enormous amount of rumors and controversies against him, the prince william and Kate Middleton They have shown that despite everything they are still very close and the spark still remains intact. Now the princes of Wales have decided to celebrate their twelfth anniversary, sharing a photograph with their followers and fans of royalty.

Through their social networks, the royal couple has decided share a photograph together, where you can see how happy they are, and that despite the countless rumors that have been malicious to deteriorate their marriage, the princes of Wales continue to show that love has not ended.

This April 29, the princes of Wales published a snapshot where you can see both riding a bicycle, which could deduce that, at the time, they took a walk together and spent a quiet day with the family.

And so it was, since this snapshot was taken by the photographer matt porteous in the Norfolk meadows and is part of a series of photos that were captured for Mother’s Day and Christmas in the year 2022. Now the Princes of Wales have decided to upload this image for the first time, which apparently would be a discard of the last series of images taken by Matt.

A detail of these images is that many media noticed that William did not appear in any, so they assumed that the prince did not go with his family to the Norfolk meadows, but with this photo the mystery has finally been solved and ha confirmed that he was actually there.