The prince william and his wife the princess kate middletonmake it clear that his brother and brother-in-law, the prince harry he will not have forgiveness from them, nor from many members of the royal family.

The prince harry he would be looking to leave the reputations of those who hurt him on the floor, and of course, days before its launch, the memoir «Spare» is becoming the most powerful bomb that has been dropped against the british crown.

For this reason, especially his brother has truly felt «betrayed«, and he is enraged with his brother, who he never thought could attack like this.

«They’re both trusting each other, it’s hit him real hard“A close source opined, referring to the fact that for now the dukes of walesthey have preferred to keep secret, and hope that this controversy does not become more serious, although in itself it has already caused quite a stir and has left no stone unturned.

And although it has not been easy for the family, they would have wanted the prince harry: «not be so public and cutting with his familya”.

It seems that the damage has already been done and there will be no turning back,”I don’t think that’s how peace is made within a family, but one that’s so in the public eye, so under the public eye, I don’t think it stands a chance.«. The source affirmed, who among her statement made it clear that the pardon for the duke of sussex it would never come into effect.