The prince william Y Kate Middleton As members of the royal family, they demand certain rules called strange from their workers and that they must comply with in any case if they want to work with the royal family.

The dukes of wales They know that they must have some respect in royalty, so they and their children must be submissive and careful in the way they perform some actions, although sometimes they can be a bit flexible, they always try to keep their sanity.

However, the rules that your workers must comply with must be followed as ordered, since otherwise their contract could be affected.

The protocol of your workers’ dos and don’ts is a long list, and it was an undercover journalist who discovered some of those demands.

prince william Y Kate Middleton They do not tolerate any disrespect from their workers, so they have been forbidden to gossip in the corners of the mansion,”they have zero tolerance for staff talking to the media“added the source.

In addition to this, the people who help them must have a good eye for small details seeking to maintain order and cleanliness in the places. They must also comply with the mandate of the dukes and that is that they should not call their children by “kids«, they should be called by their names as a sign of respect, nor can they offend them or raise their voices.

Refering to duchess of wales, kate middleton It is forbidden to talk about the clothes they wear, such as their brand or prices, defaming negative royal news is also a rule to comply with, in the same way that walking only on the edges of the carpets and not in the middle.

Although they are strange policies, their workers understand that they are members of the royal family and comply with what their bosses request.