the brother of prince harrythe prince william and his wife Kate Middleton They have given their sincere and controversial opinion regarding the series “harry and meghan“.

series of Netflix that allowed to see new episodes on December 15, He continues to give his followers a lot of content to have topics of conversation, given the arguments that have come to light about the British royal family.

However, this has not been liked by everyone as expected, it has been rumored that people belonging to royalty have not given the go-ahead to the series, they affirm that the drama and “the truths” of prince harry and meghan They are used to victimize themselves.

What was a hard blow for him duke of sussex was his brother’s response prince william before his documentary, since he and his wife assure that they are not interested in watching the program.

William and Kate’s helpers filled them in on the show, but don’t expect the couple to sit in their cabin with their popcorn to watch it.“. A source claimed.

This is due to the deteriorated relationship between the two brothers and their wives, the effect of breaking a pact between brothers.

The prince harry He clarified the issue in an episode assuring that his brother broke a pact and it was a difficult moment: “Seeing my brother’s office do the same thing we promised the two of us would never do…it was heartbreaking.“. From there between brothers they have tried to save themselves, telling what they believe to be their truth.

Even so the duke of sussex he didn’t expect his brother to have such a negative reaction to his series.