In the last two weeks, the prince william and Kate Middleton They have been the protagonists of a huge wave of rumors that affirmed that the marriage will be separating because of a possible love affair that the future King of the United Kingdom would have. But today, the couple has finally decided to respond to everything that is being said on the networks.

In the last few hours, the british media and everyone was aware of what could happen in the Bafta awards, which were celebrated today and had as special guests the Princes of Wales.

The media were expecting this, as it was said that Kate would attend the event alone because she was in a fight with William. However, things have not happened that way and the couple has given a forceful response to the rumors of their separation.

The future kings of United Kingdom have appeared together in ceremony, and besides that, they looked very happy and content to be at the evening. This assistance has been taken as a blunt response to the media that claimed that both had separated.

However, there are still numerous media outlets that continue to inquire about the possible lover of William, which has already been linked to the Prince since the year 2019, when photos of both were leaked at a private party and shared in a compromising way.

The attendance of the Princes of Wales at the awards Bafta It has also given a lot to talk about for the outfits they have worn, highlighting the impeccable look that Kate has taken to the luxurious gala that awards the best of British and world cinema.

And you, do you think he prince william and Kate Middleton Are they still together or did they only attend out of commitment?