The marriage between prince william and Kate Middleton of the United Kingdom, It is widely considered to be one of the most popular unions in the world. Despite the recent rumors of infidelity and separation, the couple has remained united and above all strong. And now, they’ve dared to do something very few royals would, and it shows that their royal privileges are not an excuse to do extreme things.

Missing only days for the official coronation of the King Charles III how the new monarch of the United Kingdom, the princes of wales They have decided to join the South Wales Valleys Mountain Rescue Team, where they have proven that they dare any kind of extreme test.

The future kings of the nation were part of the rescue squad yesterday Central Beacons, which is made up of several volunteers and was celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

However, what has caught the attention of the public is that the marriage has shown great agility and, as she descended the rocks, Kate reminded her husband that caution was needed above all else. “We’re not going to run,” she said.

The Princes of Wales have also been part of a simulated rescue with injuries in which middleton He called for help on the radio.

“Do you have everything on the list?” he said before continuing. «It’s like calling him to do the weekly shopping!’, She added with a great sense of humor.

With this, both the prince william as kate middleton They have shown that they have very good sports skills, which is why they have dared to do different extreme activities that for some members of royalty, would not be common.