In the last or, the prince william and his wife kate middleton were under scrutiny around the world, after revealing a series of alleged infidelities that the future monarch of the United Kingdom would have committed with a friend very close to the royalty. However, it seems that they have ignored all this scandal and now they have decided to celebrate their 12th wedding anniversary, with a photo that has moved many.

Today, the princes of wales They are celebrating 12 years of marriage. And for this reason, they have decided to share some touching photographs where you can see them next to their three children, products of their iconic Relationship, with which they have completely refuted the rumors of a possible separation.

Kate and William’s marriage is one of the most popular from all over the world, are the absolute heirs to the british crown, so they carry a great responsibility on their shoulders.

Despite all crisis and controversial that they have lived throughout their marriage, it seems that they are still happier than ever, so there is a great possibility that Kate Middleton will become the next one. Queen consort of the nation

Meanwhile, the prince william and Kate Middleton They are also preparing their eldest son, the Prince George, who after them, is the heir to the throne of the british monarchy.