In recent months, the royal couple, the prince william and Kate Middletonthey have been involved in endless rumors about the state of their marriage, which is said to be increasingly deteriorated.

Numerous rumors have spread about the terrible Prince William’s relationship with the Duchess of Welshaccording to the media, he has been unfaithful to the princess and these rumors have been quite pronounced around the Buckingham Palace.

Lately both have been seen together in different events, where they are seen a little more united and happywhich leads the entertainment and tabloid media to say that they are being bound for the crown to show a happy marriage in front of the cameras in order to remedy the controversies they have caused.

They have met again, this time to visit south Wales, and there to attend the award ceremony for mental health initiatives, which according to many people interested in the sensationalism of royalty that is created on social networks, has been everything. a plan of the british royal houseto try to diminish all the negative rumors about the state of their relationship.