The situation facing the prince william with his younger brother, Prince Harry, It has him on the verge of despair and with great need to find a plan to contract the harsh consequences that he will be facing when the Duke of Sussex publish your book of memories on January 10th.

Since various British media alerted Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton about how affected they would be after the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir book, the possible reaction that the princes of wales will take about it.

“Prepare for the worst”, was what various media warned William and his wife, who have experienced firsthand the accusations that the Dukes of Sussex have made against the British royal family.

Given this, William would be devising a plan to evade all these attacks from his older brother and sister-in-law. The idea would be that the Prince of Wales take more duties focused on charities that could help clear your name and that of your wife.

Even so, Harry Y Meghan unwilling to keep quiet, they insist that all royals, including the King Carlos III, They should offer them a public apology, especially for the alleged racist attacks that Meghan would have suffered.

‘Spire’ the book of memories Prince Harry, It will be released worldwide on January 10, and it promises to reveal even more secrets that lurk beneath the British crown.