The upcoming book release of the Prince Harry, «Sparewhich will be available in bookstores around the world on January 10, has caused a stir among the royal family. One of the largest mentioned by the Duke of Sussex it was his brother, he Prince William, of whom he has revealed a lot about his private life and even talked about some incidents related to physical abuse and the cruel words left devastated to the future heir to the British throne, I confirm it Rust Nikkhahwho is a journalist specializing in the royalty of del Sunday Times.

The journalist said:

Prince William is completely sad that very personal things have come out, especially considering everything he knows about his brother. However, I think he feels it’s not right to come out and say, this didn’t happen or it happened in a different way, it’s not the way he acts.

Referencing the British royal family’s rule of staying neutral and not talking about issues.

Despite the pain, he Prince William, like the rest of the Windsor family, he struggles to carry on with his daily activities, both official and personal, to be precise, William’s schedule is full of private events, such as a school friend’s wedding celebration and his wife’s 41st birthday Kate Middleton.

The youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana he explained that he did not write the biography to hurt his father or brother, but rather to let people know the truth. «I love you and always will“, He said Prince Harry.

He also stated that at the moment he has nothing to do with them and that he hopes to be able to recover them in the future, but unfortunately, it seems that they have no intention of solving the situation.

I hope one day to be able to win them back, but they have shown no desire to reconcile.