The prince harry He made two productions that have left more than one around the world speechless. The first was a Netflix documentary in which he talks about all the problems he faced in his private life and what happened when he decided to leave the British royal family, where he stated that he and his wife have had to live a great nightmare and endure siege by his family and the media.

But she decided not only to talk about the present, she also decided to talk about the past, making an incredible statement like she had never made before in her life, as she accused her mother, the Princess Diana.

As we all know, the image of Princess Diana is unshakable throughout Great Britain, as without a doubt she won the hearts of society for her great personality and charisma, which has meant that she is held to this day. in memory with enormous affection despite all the years that have passed.

The problem is that the prince harry confirmed in his revelations that his mother, Lady Di, She was a very affectionate mother and, above all, very protective, but sometimes she completely disappeared from his life and this would mark his childhood to a great extent, since he and his brother needed their mother’s support in the face of the siege of the media. and the world in general.

This was completely unexpected, because the Princess Diana she has long been known as one of the most attentive mothers in her family. This confession undoubtedly tarnishes the image of Lady Di a little and humanizes the most beloved princess in history a little more.