As if Prince Harry’s book and its revelations weren’t troubling enough, now the prince william Y Kate Middleton They have another problem and everything points to being the fault of the Dukes of Sussex, since after the documentary series released on Netflix in mid-December called “harry and meghan«, and from the autobiography of prince harry premiered on January 10 which is named “Spare“, his popularity in Britain has fallen dramatically.

According to a note published by theDaily Express«The heir to the British throne and his wife are the ones who register the lowest figures, according to a YouGov survey, since William and Kate received 70% and 68% approval respectively, numbers that may sound good in other contexts, but that they are below the usual scores for future kings and these figures are the lowest the Prince of Wales has received in YouGov polls.

The survey was conducted just days after Harry published his book, which sold more than a million copies in a matter of days.

In “Spare«Harry made serious accusations against his brother, Prince William, as well as against his father, King Carlos III, and for this reason the royal family has been losing popularity among the population.