The revelations made by the prince harry in his book «Spare» have not stopped at any time around the world. But despite the overwhelming and indisputable sales success, there has been no shortage of criticism from people, especially those who had the privilege of sharing with the Prince in person.

One of them is former sergeant Michael Booley, who was a military instructor prince harry. In the book, the son of the King of England tells an anecdote about a training flight that I consider a flight «Suicide«.

Harry claims in his autobiography that an army instructor deliberately stopped his Slingsby T67 Firefly propeller plane without any advance warning.

I felt the left wing sink, a sense of confusion, entropy, and after seconds that seemed like decades, Booley regained control of the plane and leveled the wings.

But now Booley has revealed in a statement to the “Mirror»that the anecdote did not happen as Prince Harry tells it in his book.

While the book praises me, I’m afraid the reveal of the raids and lessons is inaccurate. It is important to note that nothing in the cabin is a surprise.

The departure takes place exactly according to a briefing. The only time there are surprises is later in the curriculum, not as stated in the book, when emergencies are introduced.

Michael Booley called the claims of the prince harry What “a complete fantasy» and went on to explain:

I think the references have been dramatized a lot. I think they are a consequence of writing ghost.

However, Booley has fond memories of Harry, stating that he was a very talented student, a friend whom he greatly respected and would always listen to.