The memory book of prince harry called «Spare» about to go unpublished, a regrettable decision would be the cause.

The prince harry planned to release his memoir, where he will make compelling statements about the british crown and the constant attacks on his family, but a visit to someone very special to him would change his mind.

The staff who would be in charge of the preparation and publication of his book were very upset, because it was not an easy job, and that the prince decided to cancel it was bad news.

“This was such a dark day. Everyone had been working very hard on this project in the utmost secrecy, and with the expectation that it would become one of the greatest and most historic books we could ever publish.«. The source reported.

«And then right after Harry’s last trip to London, the boss walked in and said, “He doesn’t want to do it,” I can’t tell you, it’s a huge, expensive operation to put together a book like this and everyone involved was devastated.«, Clarifying that the news was a shock to everyone.

It seems that the prince’s reason for not launching the book was to visit his grandmother, the late Queen isabel IIshe clarified that if he published the book while she was alive «there would be no going back«.

However, and after the death of the monarch, the duke of sussex he made a change of plans, and finally set a date for the release of his biography, which was a moment of happiness for the workers.