the safety of prince harry He is at risk after international media reported that he is in the crosshairs of Al Qaeda, this due to his revelations about the murders he committed in Afghanistan.

The Duke of Sussex confessed in his autobiography that he took the lives of 25 Taliban soldiers and that, for him, they were “chess pieces” that he had to take off the board before they could take the lives of good people, but his remarks have drawn strong criticism among many British ex-servicemen.

The organization Al Qaeda He has publicly expressed his intention to do justice “for the actions” of the prince harrywhom they call by the name of Al-Zanim. For them, this is the perfect opportunity for the British royals to take revenge against their “opposition” son, and let “be islamic hands” who are in charge of doing it.

The situation is worrying for the British royal family and especially for Prince Harry, since his safety is at risk, for this reason the authorities are taking measures to protect the Duke of Sussex and his family.

The former colonel, Richard KempHe said that Harry’s comments “they do not reflect reality, are misleading and potentially valuable to those who wish to harm British forces”. Despite Harry saying that what he did embarrassed him and that he never felt satisfaction after doing it, many ex-servicemen disagree with his statements.

This situation can be very delicate and the safety of the prince harry you may be in danger. Even so, it is known that the British royals are taking measures to protect their son and they hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible.