In social networks, there has been talk again about the infidelity scandal that the prince harry committed just before marrying the former American actress Meghan Markle, right in the middle of the scandal over the rumors of infidelity that his brother the Prince William, would have done to Kate Middleton. But what is striking about this is that Harry still would not have stopped communicating with his alleged lover.

the journalist Angela Levin has been the reporter in charge of revealing that the Duke Sussex he was unfaithful to Meghan before they got married in 2018.

The youngest son of the deceased Princess Diana he would have gotten involved with an attractive model of the United Kingdom, which name is Sarah Ann Macklin, who is moderately popular in their home country.

However, what has most attracted the attention of all this is that it is said that the Prince would still have some kind of communication with the attractive model. british. This is in stark contrast to the image that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex give as a happy and fulfilled couple.

Both Harry and Meghan are living in the USA since the year 2020, so any type of communication that the minor child of the King Charles III have with the model, it would be given only through social networks.

This controversy continues to wreak even more havoc on the damaged image that the british royalty have at the moment. The enormous scandal and media repercussion that the rumors of separation between the Prince William and Kate Middleton, they only show how the public eye is very aware of all the dark details that would be within the royal family.

And although Harry and Meghan have already been separated from royalty for several years, their controversies and scandals fall squarely on the monarchy. Since their fight, the harsh accusations and all the internal conflict that arose while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex resided in the Buckingham Palace.

And you, what do you think about this controversy that affects the prince harry already Meghan Markle?